Plisskën 2013, Athens - Pre-Festival Report

13 May, 2013

By Nixxie 


Approximately a year ago, I had one of those rare life-altering moments that literally pick you up, shake you and make you stop whatever you were doing and take stock of what Life is about. Those who know me will know that I am far from averse to existential musings of this nature. I am, you could say, a periodical stock-taker. This time, as the cliché goes, was different however.


I was at the Plissken 2012 Festival in Athens and I had just met Dead Skeletons' frontman Jon Saemundur (aka Nonni Dead). When I say "just met", what I actually mean is "spent 2 straight hours discussing matters of life and death, fear and how to overcome it". It was quite an experience, let me tell you (in fact you will soon be reading about this 'interview' quite soon in another article I will soon be publishing). In a sense, this experience, which I won't go into too much here, perfectly epitomized my overall feelings for what has become a very cool festival that takes place in Athens around this time of the year.


Plissken is one of those slightly under the radar festivals that you'll probably only really hear about if you are a true music aficionado (or if you happen to live in Athens). Still in its infancy, the festival is now in its third year. If I were asked to sum up what it is all about based on my previous two experiences in 2010 and 2012, I'd say it's an amusement park for music enthusiasts looking to discover something new, something relevant and certainly something different and far, far away from the mainstream.


Plisskën 2010 was where I first came face to face with the likes of These New Puritans, a band that I've liked for some time now, not to mention my favorites for that year, Handsome Furs (who have subsequently split up since, sadly, it must said, as they were a lot of fun).


Plisskën 2012 was even more fun, and not just because of my surreal experience with Nonni Dead. I also got to literally burden a significant proportion of singer Merril Nisker's (aka Peaches) body weight as she walked on the crowd. Yes, that's on the crowd. And of course the EDM stage kept it exciting with the likes of College and Drums of Death entertaining me the most. King Khan, the timeless Liquid, Alan Braxe and Junior Boys rounded off an extremely memorable event for me.


Which brings us finally to this year's event. The lineup for Plisskën 2013 is full of up-and-comers including some names that I have been very eager to see, such as the precocious talents of one 19-year-old Andy Marshall, who goes by the moniker King Krule.


There are more than 30 acts performing overall over the four days, and we will be bringing you in depth reports of the performances as they happen. So I won't spend any more time on the various names that will be appearing (for that, you can refer to the Official Plissken Website).


What is interesting to note about this festival is the dedication to sustainability and the environment. I've been speaking with one of the organizers, Theodora Karakassi, who informed me that Plisskën is "trying to become the 1st Green festival In Greece" When I asked what that meant exactly, I was told that the organizers have adopted "a full-on environmental policy going with collaborations for emmiting our carbon offset for example. It's a whole list that you apply and follow till u get the award together with other collaborations we've formed on sustainability, education and other areas".


The organizers, Plissken Lab, are also taking an active interest in prmoting music and especially festival management beyond this event. Karakassi informed me that:


"The Lab is also very interesting as it has set up workshops for 40 lucky winners on festival organising, marketing, design, setting up, environmental awareness and hands on experience during the set up. For example this year we also collaborated with a number of institutions on Intellectual property Issues together with some of the artists we are bringing."


So all in all this seems to have all of the right the feel-good, well thought-out, music-centric vibes that any great festival should be aspiring to. Stay tuned for on-the-day Live Reports from Plissken coming soon.



Until then, Rock on Athens!




Primary Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Experimental


Secondary Genre: EDM


Date: 16-19 May 2013


Location: Athens, Greece


Size: Mid


Organizer: Plisskën Lab  


DO NOT MISS: King Krule, Death Grips


Also Make Sure You Check Out: FM Belfast, Dope Body, Shigeto


Other Highlights:  Check out the cocktail bar and garden at the back, and get your chill on in between sets.







Plissken 2013 Promo Teaser by Bon Studio 



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