Plissken 2013 - Post Festival Report

20 May, 2013

By Nixxie 


Plissken 2013... I wasn't so sure what to expect. Like I said in my previous Plissken post, the last 2 Plissken festivals in 2010 and 2012 were fun, but then they had some bigger names. This time around it was with hopeful anticipation and, admitedly, low expectations that I set off to check out the 30+ bands on display.


My overall feeling this time around was positive. There were some "slower" moments, but, happily, these were few and far between. Conversely, there were quite a few noteworthy highlights, not least of which were Day 1's masked drummer / EDM producer Slow Magic. His set came after the interesting Beat Culture and pumped-up Blackbird and was a barrage of blissful melodies couple with his rhythmic beatings of a floor tom. It all was made more interactive as he took his drunm and planted it firmly in the middle of the 200 or so strong crowd that was packing Day 1's venue, The Hub. 


Slow Magic1 


 Slow Magic drumming amid the chaos


By far the most fun moment of the whole festival in my opinion came midway through Day 3 when icelandic outfit FM Belfast took the main stage. Their show was truly electric and it took the whole crowd by storm, inciting everyone to jump and dance and generally flail the odd arm or two in justified satisfaction. In a moment of drama that turned into comedy, the diminutive side show dancer / singer danced his way spectacularly offstage and into the abyss (some equipment a couple of feet below - he seemed unharmed, thankfully). Tunes such as I Can Feel Love and Shall We Have A Disco resonated well with the crowd as did the sing-alongy I Can't Get To Sleep Either. All in all, a very convincing show and well worth checking out.


And once the fun dance infused set was over and the latent excitement subsided, it was then time for Truckfighters to take the stage. Being a store rock fan (though not a stoner per se), I was really curious to see what they would be like. I particularly enjoyed the instrumentation and the sounds they were able to generate, as it was very reminiscent of one of my all time favorites, Kyuss. Only the vocals let it down a little, but still it was a nice little tangent into a musical sphere slightly less traveled. 


Another of my favorite performances, mainly because of the sheer energy and passion that it embodied, was Canadian hardcore punk outfit Fuck Up's set. The larger-than-life frontman Damian Abraham's good natured interactive skills were put to good uses as he ended up spending more time in and amongst the crowd than he did on stage. 


Other notable performances came from King Tuff (Day 2), Beat Culture (Day 1) and Pyramid (Day 3). All in all it was a very satisfying experience, musically.


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King Tuff (Day 2)


The Day 3 activities outside of the two main states were fun enough, the vibe was pleasant and a number of sponsors did their bit to liven things up or mellow things down for those festival goers wishing to take a break. I'm hoping Plissken will continue to grow strong in years to come as it is fast becoming a worthy addition to the European small/underground festival circuit.


Nice one Athens!





Primary Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Experimental


Secondary Genre: EDM


Date: 16-19 May 2013


Location: Athens, Greece


Size: Mid


Organizer: Plisskën Lab  


Stole The Show: FM Belfast (Day 3)


Also A Lot Of Fun: Slow Magic (Day 1)








Fucked Up


Fucked Up getting intimate



FM Belfast


Fm Belfast getting the crowd going



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