Ostgut Ton Showcase with Ben Klock, Marcel Fengler & Boris - Live Review

05 April, 2014

Photo Cred: Daddy's Got Sweets




By Tish Sanghera



Sunday March 16th saw London hit 20 degrees by noon. The parks were full of cider drinking, illegal barbecuing and the sudden arrival of the capital's flock of Mr Whippy vans on early release from hibernation. Was I out there flooding my pasty body with this rare pre-springtime solar Vitamin D? Heck no. Instead I joined my fellow comrades, decked out in our Normcore finest, for all out war as Shoreditch's Village Underground was take over with the best from Berlin.


Arriving at 2pm, this Sunday was devoted to 12 hours of the satanic machinations of techno label Ostgut Ton's big-hitters. Veteran Boris eased us into this day of sacrilegious ecstasy with his signature genre bending track mixes from house to minimal and with just a hint of disco interlaced throughout. Being the opening DJ is never an enviable task, but Boris managed to establish a playful party atmosphere on this Sunday afternoon, seeing nothing but smiling faces as I looked around at my fellow boppers. By the time Marcel Fengler took to the podium, the cavernous space (formerly a Victorian viaduct) was filled with a community of techno heads prepped to experience the highs of his well-established and refined Berlin style. Starting his set with an ambient sound, the vibe mellowed as the crowd stopped to appreciate the complexity of the craft before them, his four hour set peaking an hour before the end as he finished with the crowd pleasing classic Frantic.




Then arrived the main event. The chief. The suzerain. The techno tsar that is Ben Klock. With his square jaw, moody stare and more than slight resemblance to Woody Harrelson, it's hard to blame a girly fan like myself for the next four hours that I spent transfixed to my arduously won dead-centre spot. Spinning mainly house to begin with, Klock's legions hurled themselves with adoring vigour to his familiar remixes. But then came the good stuff, the minimal musings that the Berghain resident is continually acclaimed for. We didn't care that by now we were beyond sweaty, that the floor was littered with eagerly downed water bottles or that the front rows of relentless ravers had now reached violent levels of pulsation - Klock was on form. The following hours were filled with the a kind of magic transported from Berlin's darkest dance floors, enveloping both spectator and performer in a cloud of symbiotic appreciation. Tweeting the next morning that"The good thing about DJing: You can put all the love, the anger, the pain and loss into it and leave it on the dance floor. Thank you people at Village Underground for taking that journey with me last night", simply confirmed that my respect for this genre defining DJ was not misdirected.  Yes, a techno set when performed at its best is nothing other than a transportative experience. It's about sharing in the emotions the sound invokes in the artist, reaching out to the audience in a raw and visceral way, to create a unique, fleeting, four-hour bond based on the universal appreciation of the force of rhythm and beat, felt on an almost elemental level. This was Ostgut Ton's first Sunday showcase in London, and long may it reign. 







Primary Genre: Techno


Secondary Genre: House


Date: 16 March 2014


Location: Village Underground, London, UK









Ben Klock - Ostgut Ton - Berghain




Marcel Fengler - Frantic