Esben and the Witch - Live Review

29 September, 2013

By Alexia Natalia


It was a mildly hot night in Athens. We aligned ourselves outside six d.o.g.s, a central bar, amidst the sparse front-porch greenery and with a beer at hand, waiting for the clock to tick eleven pm. 


 Esben and the Witch 1


When we heard the drum roll we rushed in. A small space, not exactly packed, but the audience had already filled the small and cozy space. From the start, the sound we heard was not what we had expected. Deep, layered guitars and powerful drums. Rachel Davies' voice was smooth, steamy and densely layered. She had won her audience over right from the beginning.  


Esben and the Witch 2


The trio from Brighton played most songs from their new album Wash the Sins Not Only the Face.  'Despair' and 'Slow Wave' were a beauty. A little XX, a little post-rock, a little gothic, and a little haunting. They had the crowd slowly and smoothly entranced. And they didn't hurry anything; they were totally at ease with us. And we were all captivated by them. What with the dreamy voice, the sounds oscillating between calmness and headspinning, the controlled and earwatering guitar sounds and the sudden hot flashes of the drums, the trio was indeed like an enchanting witch. 'Deathwaltz' was an apotheosis. Then we were cooled off with the mesmerizing 'Fall of Glorietta Mountain'.


Esben and the Witch 3 


You never really can tell anything about a band until you see them live. And Esben and the Witch were a real surprise.


Esben and the Witch 4




Primary Genre: Post-Rock


Secondary Genre: Gothic


Date: 27 September 2013


Location: Athens, Greece



 Esben and the Witch 5




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