Up & Coming Artists That'll Be The Soundtrack To Your Summer

23 March, 2014

If you're after some new music to brighten up your day, then be sure to check out these up and coming artists. The foreseeable future sees great things for them and these songs will, without a doubt, have you dancing in the summer sun. 



By Molly Rimmer



So Christmas has been and gone, we've suffered through the bad weather and now we're just craving for the sun to break through those grey clouds. And what a better way to get ready for summer than to get our music playlists full of upbeat anthems. We all know that summer is made that little bit better by the music we listen to, the songs that fill our hearts with summer-y goodness and help us to enjoy it while it lasts. So here are a few songs by some fantastic new artists that you absolutely need as your soundtrack to summer. 



1. Nimmo and The Gauntletts - Jaded

This fresh alternative pop group has been gaining a lot of buzz recently, with their cool electronic sound bringing something new to the genre. The London based group, fronted by Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett, have created something magical with their single 'Jaded'. The full upbeat sound instantly draws you in and you are fascinated with the smooth vocals that easily glide around each other. The catchy chorus relaxes you with help from the chilled synths, and the memorable riffs will have you singing this tune all day. Nimmo and the Gauntletts is one band to watch out for, make sure you check out this incredible track!





3. George Ezra - Budapest

This young singer-songwriter from Bristol is said to be the next big thing. Ezra's deep and mature vocal on his single 'Budapest' sets you in a trance, and reminds you of a young Bob Dylan. The folk-blues genre makes all your troubles float away while you're relaxing on a scorching hot beach. George Ezra is set for big things, be sure to be a dedicated fan from the start. 




4. Fickle Friends - SWIM

The very appropriately named track 'SWIM' makes your mind drift away with the feel-good vibes of this summer anthem. This five-piece Brighton based band instantly put a smile on your face with their catchy guitar riffs and warm and smooth vocals. 'SWIM' is the perfect track to dance to whilst you get ready to hit the summer sun. 




5. Luke Sital-Singh- Nothing Stays The Same

Taking influences from artists such as Ben Howard, Bon Iver and Damien Rice, this singer-songwriter from London is definitive for the folk-pop genre. The raspy yet powerful vocals immediately make you fall in love with this chilled out song. The use of chanting 'oh's' in the chorus has you singing along without a second thought. His catchy and reassuring lyrics brings peace of mind to those with troubles. Luke Sital-Singh has a real talent with writing relaxing songs, and this is one to definitely listen to whilst topping up your tan.