Andre 3000's 6 Most Badass Looks of All Time

02 March, 2014

Andre has long been known for his flamboyant and sometimes downright insane sense of style



By Mitchell Gaynor


For those of you who don't know Andre 3000 is the more outlandish half of one of the most universally enjoyed rap groups of all time, OutKast. Together with Big Boi the group's incredible lyrics and performances put them in a category acceptable to street thugs and soccer moms alike.

Andre has long been known for his flamboyant and sometimes downright insane sense of style while Big Boi has more of a traditional southern hip-hop swag. But as every fashionista ever will tell you, whether or not something looks good really comes down to the confidence with which a person wears it, and 3k has 1000% confidence in every fashion decision he's ever made. OutKast has been on hiatus for a while now and are slated to perform together for the first time in a decade this coming summer. In preparation for such let's take a look at 6 of Mr. 3000's best/ most badass outfits of all time.





1. Afro Ninja




Let's start with one that just exemplifies young Outkast to a T. Here Big Boi is doing your usual backwards hat-baggy everything combo of late 90's era hip-hop. Andre 3000 instead opted to apparently channel his inner African roots of style and cross breed it with some Asian influence to come out with this kimono/dashiki combination. Hi (Hey)-Ya.




2. French Street Performer




Continuing his obvious passion for international style Andre broke out the beret and ascot for a performance in 2004. This may seem appropriate for a performance in say, Paris; maybe even for San Francisco, but Dre decided it was much better suited for Miami Beach, because you know I definitely think a neck-scarf and hat is necessary for 97 degree weather…Extra points for the polka dots.





3. Pretty in Pink (Sans Molly Ringwald)




The late 1990's & early 2000's the bigger, shinier and downright more outrageous, the better. Remember these were the times of 8mpg Hummers with 28 inch spinning rims. To standout in those times were tough but Sir 3k of Freshington was not to be out done. I see your Puff Daddy and Mase shine suits and raise you neon pink alien-esque goggles and a matching faux-fur. Did I mention that the goggles were worn as a headband because you know what you need in addition to tinted goggles? Sunglasses, obviously. Game. Set. Match.





4. Everyday is Halloween




This is Andre with Gwen Stefani aparantly at a Halloween party (though it's tough to tell the difference with these two). Dre apparently was the inspiration for Lady Gaga's trademark style, and with this certified himself as the only person in the world who can wear absolutely anything he wants and people think it's fabulous. Remember when Kanye tried to make kilts/Canadian tuxedos/confederate flags cool and everyone ripped him apart? 3k wears a platinum blonde wig and high-waisted 40 button pants and people are like "yo I gotta buy a wig for this weekend, I'm a leave with ALL the hoes at the club." Then they realized, there can only be one God of Yolo-fashion, and that is Lord 3000.





5. The Break-up Outfit




By this point Andre had even convinced Big Boi that his fashion could be helped by some pink furry pants. The facial expressions say it all: Andre 3000=hella excited. Big Boi= damn I can't compete with this. He's also probably thinking how hot sitting through an entire award show in furry pants is going to be. This is the VMA's in 2004 shortly before they broke up and we have to assume the stress of trying to dress as well as Andre had something to do with it. Dre has since gone on to do essentially whatever the hell he wanted to.





6. A Gentleman's Night Out




But let's also not forget that if you wanna keep it classic and traditional, Mr. 3k is still one dapper dude. Oh and in case you wondered if he's actually cooler than you, he can manage to look bored with Rhianna draped on his shoulder, and I KNOW I couldn't do that. 






Photo Cred:  huffingtonpost.com, Mtv.com, necolebitchie.com, slamxhype.com, and bet.com