Little Dragon, Ritual Union

31 December, 2011

By Nixxie



Right from the outset, let me just start by saying I love Yukimi Nagano. Her voice just does it for me: it's sexy, catchy, melodic and she just has a way of conveying her messages in a really sensual manner. She's lent her skills to two tracks on The Gorillaz 2010 Plastic Beach release, as well as SBTRKT's gem of a tune Wildfire, not to mention a bunch of other collaborations. So yes, in case you didn't get it, I love you Yukimi, please get in touch asap.


In all honesty, I only discovered Little Dragon about 6 months ago. The Swedish-Japanese Yukimi and her fellow band members featuring Hakan Wirenstrand (keyboards), Fredrik Kallgren Wallin (bass) and Erik Bodin (drums) had already released two full EP's up that point: Little Dragon (2007) and Machine Dreams (2009). Yet I somehow managed to miss all of that work and thus my first meaningful interaction with Little Dragon was on their 2011 release, Ritual Union.


I got my first intro to this album when I came across the LP's first track, the eponymous Ritual Union. What can I say about this track? It epitomizes what I was saying about Nagano's vocal qualities. I still haven't found someone who hasn't agreed it made them 'feel' funny butterfly-in-the-stomach type things. I even started playing a game where I'd play it in my car just to see if my friends would hear it and comment. Almost all did.


Other highlights for me include Brush The Heat, which is equally as enticing as the opener, if a touch less commercial. Shuffle A Dream is fun and catchy, Please Turn is smooth and moody, Crystalfilm is teleporting. This is the kind of album you can just listen to from beginning to end, no problem. If there are any negatives for me, it would be the second track Little Man which doesn't quite do it for me, and perhaps also the way the album kinda fizzles out towards the end.


Overall I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to this, especially because it got me into Little Dragon's earlier work too which I've embraced whole-heartedly!





Primary Genre: Electronic

Subgenre: Indie

Release Date: 25 June 2011

Label: Peacefrog

Influences: Massive Attack, Portishead, Morcheeba

Like This And You'll Probably Also Like: SBTRKT, Ladytron, Lali Puna

Album Highlights:   Ritual Union, Brush The Heat, Shuffle A Dream, Please Turn









"Some of the tracks on this thing are real keepers, especially the opener 7.5/10"


Little Dragon - Ritual Union



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